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Top 10 Reasons Why Pizzas are the Best

Everyone knows that pizza is the best food ever. Right? But can you explain why? I am sure any person has his or her own explanation to this question. Here we will try to give you our ten top reasons of why pizza blows away any other food:

1. The comfort. This warm, gooey, cheesy dish is the best comfort food hands down. Sad? Eat a slice. Stressed? Pizza can fix that. Angry? Order a pizza. It will always make you feel better!

2. The variety. Pizza comes in all shapes and categories: breakfast, dessert, personal size, giant, plain, fancy, deep dish, thin crust, meaty, vegetarian… whatever you want to eat, pizza’s got you covered.

3. The ingredients. There are so many techniques to cooking and toppings to choose from that no pizza will ever taste the same. Varlamos offers virtually any topping you could want to put on our homemade crust and fresh pizza sauce.

4. It pairs well. Pizza and beer, pizza and soda, pizza and salad, pizza and pasta, pizza and breadsticks, pizza and anything is bound to be delicious! Varlamos has tons of epic sides to enhance your meal.

5. Convenience. There are so many routes to take before consuming a pizza—eat out, order delivery, grab a slice to go, take ‘n bake, or make your own. It’s too convenient to avoid.

6. It has grown up with you. Remember how much pizza you ate as a kid at birthday parties and sleepovers and soccer trips? It’s no wonder our bodies crave the food that we’ve associated with fun our whole life.

7. It’s social. Pizza is made to be shared. Whether at a restaurant with your family or at home with friends, it connects us and encourages eating together.

8. It makes for awesome leftovers. Seriously, how is it that pizza tastes just as good cold?! Leftover pizza is such a treat to find in the refrigerator the next day. Hint: Varlamos calzones and pizzas provide plenty of leftovers!

9. It’s fun to eat. Whether you eat with your hands, a fork and knife, from the crust down or folded over, everyone has their own style of consumption when it comes to pizza.

10. The cheese. Everyone loves it!

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